Frequently Asked Questions

Academic year in all Universities of Russia starts from 1st September.

Medium of Instruction is in English with help of Russian Language.
Clinical subjects (Hospital training in most Medical Universities of Russia are taught in Russian Language because students have to interact with patient directly.)
Every Medical University of Russia has a Russian Language Department where specific terminology is taught in Russian in context to MBBS.

Yes, after completing the course students need to appear for MCI screening examination, once clearing the MCI screening examination, student can do internship in India.

Students get unlimited chances to appear in MCI Screening Test.
MCI conducts screening test twice an year June and December.

Yes, student is eligible to get a job in any government or private hospital after completing his degree from Russia (as per MCI Norms)

No, student cannot do a job while studying

Students should need approximately 100$ per month apart from Mess.
This figure is approximate and would differ on individual lifestyle.

Every university has dedicated student’s clinics in university premises. Students can get medical treatment from those clinics. Apart from that we provides Medical Insurance to all students which is compulsory while travelling abroad. This medical Insurance helps them to get medical treatment from government hospital in their city.

All the establishments like university buildings, hostels, classrooms and hospitals are centrally heated. This heating system is regulated by the local municipal departments. Students have the access to centrally heated hostels, and 24hours running hot and cold water.

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