Jalalabad State University (JaSU) is located in Jalalabad Province of Kyrgyzstan, surrounded by mountains. JaSu was established with the basic objective of strengthening the close link of education to skill development in making the youth educated, skilled, employable . University was established in 1993, and is a government university with vision to promote quality and excellence in field of medicine eventually which will benefit society. JaSU strives to offer best UG education in Kyrgyzstan. The institution promotes critical thinking and an appreciation of the inter-disciplinary character of knowledge.

The Faculty of Medicine offers professional education, and the opportunity to study medicine under the guidance of knowledgeable professors from universities from Kyrgyz Republic and abroad. Studentsof the “Medicine” program, will acquire up-to-date knowledge and skills, which are competitive in Eurasia and the rest of the world.

Due to its competitive education and liberal costs of study JaSU Faculty of Medicine is becoming increasingly popular among international students. It offers a full professional education programme, so that upon the completion of studies, graduates can successfully continue their education in the selected speciality’s residency programme or medicine field’s Masters programme in Kyrgyz Republic or in another country of the world.

Medical Universities in Kyrgyzstan are recognized in the World Health Organization (WHO)s Directory of World Medical Schools. This listing make a student graduating from such Medical Universities and Medical Colleges in Kyrgyzstan eligible to appear for many of the screening tests like the USMLE, PLAB and also the Screening examination conducted by the National Board Of Examinations, India, under the directive of the Medical Council of India.

This has lead to an ever increasing number of international students making their way to Kyrgyzstan to study like the General Medicine and Surgery (MBBS), dental course or dentistry (BDS), M.D/M.S/M.D.S Course.

Every year hundreds of international students come to Kyrgyzstan to study Medical. Kyrgyzstan is fast becoming one of the most favored destinations in Central Asia.

Jalalabad State Medical University, Kyrgyzstan

Particulars In USD Duration
in INR Total
Tution Fees 1st Year Fees with Hostel 5500 1 357500 357500
Tution Fees 2nd - 6th Year with Hostel 2600 5 169000 845000
Food 400 6 26000 156000
Hostal 400 5 26000 130000
Processing Fees (one time) 2308 1 150000 150000
Air Ticket EXTRA Total 1638500


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