Study MBBS in Abroad

Looking to study MBBS in another country? It's a great career choice but requires good preparation, and it is important to understand why students choose other countries to study for MBBS program?

India has a great deficit of Doctors: the World Health Organization (WHO)sets the minimum ratio at 1: 1000, while it is 1:1700 in India. There are very limited seats for admission in Indian public institutions, and sometimes private institutions' total costs for doing MBBS actually surpasses what one needs to pay for MBBS education in the US, the UK or other European countries.

There are a lot of Eastern European and Asian countries, such as Europe, China, the Philippines, Kyrgyzstan, which have been alternative places to study MBBS in abroad. Indian students have been going to these destinations for decades now, and making successful medical careers. However, Europe has always been a favorite of Indian students, mostly because of the diplomatic relations that support both countries.

Here are some reasons why Indian students opt for MBBS admission abroad:

1. There are very few medical seats available in Indian MBBS Colleges.In 2017 alone, nearly 12.38 lac aspirants appeared in NEET 2017 (UG) for approx. 63,000 MBBS seats in India.
2. Taking MBBS Admission abroad is easy and hassle free as there is no need to write any entrance exam.
3. MBBS from abroad is approved by Medical Council of India and students can practise in India after clearing the MCI Screening Test (Foreign Medical Graduate Examination).
4. MBBS from abroad is economical and as compared to studying in private medical colleges in India.
5. MBBS admission abroad is possible in countries like Ukraine, China, Russia, Kyrgyz Republic etc.
6. Indian students prefer Government Medical Universities in above countries while opting for MBBS admission abroad as these Universities are globally recognized and their degrees are recognized worldwide.

Why do Indian Students go for MBBS Abroad?

Becoming a Doctor is a dream for many but few could achieve it, Here we are to make this dream come true.

Get admission in world Top Rank universities in the country like RUSSIA, PHILIPPINES, GUAYANA (AMERICA), KYRGYZSTAN, GEORGIA, UKRAINE, etc.Due to very less seats in India, very less students are able to take Admission Here, what for the other..? Medical council of India (MCI) has approved many colleges and universities in different countries.

We at have many branches at different different location to make sure none of the student have to give up on his dream. We provide free counseling and help Candidates in the whole process to take admission in Abroad for MBBS.

Indian students find international universities:

In India most of the school students who are pursuing medicine dreams for the MBBS degree and they even take steps to chase their dreams too, but only 25% of those make their dream come true with a bright and flourishing professional life. Are you also one among those who are willing for the best future in MBBS sector and dreaming to study abroad for your further studies, then you must take assistance of MBBS Aboard Consultants in Delhi and many branches. To be precise, choosing the best college and course has a great impact on your career, but generally aspirants fail to do and just choose one option which they feel is each to attain.

    - Affordable (cheaper than Indian Medical Colleges)
    - Quality Education (better than Indian Medical Colleges)
    - Degree recognized worldwide
    - MCI Approved
    - Reasonable cost
    - Safe & Secure
    - Indian Food / Mess available in many Universities

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