About The University:

  • The New Vision University is a georgia semi private research university located in tiblisi.
  • The medical doctor program of the new vision university was granted accredition by Resolution No:156 of Educational program Accredition Board, Dated 5 november 2013.
  • The University has a large and distnguished faculty to support its mission of education, research and clinical care.
  • A number of scientific-research projects of international and national significance have been accomplished on the university base.
  • The university has close pertnership relations with the leading heigher educational institutions with in and outside the country like in UK Leeds University England.
  • Medical Doctor (MD) Program:-

    Medical Doctor educational program (360 ECTS) aims to provide medical training, predominantly in a practical environment, based on ethical values, respect for the individuals and on the premise of the minimum interference. Provisionally, the program identifies teaching phases of healthy body, diagnosis and treatment, in which utilization of vertical and horizontal integration elements makes the learning process systematic and consistent.

    Results of the educational program are achieved through implementation of innovative teaching and assessment methods - problem-based learning, early-stage involvement into the biomedical research and provision of objectively structured clinical examination.

    The first phase (Healthy Human Being, 120 ECTS, 1st and 2nd year) is comprised of the core modules in Life Sciences (biochemistry, molecular biology, histology) and Body Systems (anatomy, physiology) in parallel with components concentrating on teaching core values of medicine, clinical skills, research methods as well as a wide range of elective courses.

    The second phase (Diagnosis, 60 ECTS, 3rd year) incorporates the study of pathological changes and disease symptoms in the body, as well as the practical comprehension of the modern principles and methods that facilitate a delivering process of diagnosis.

    The third phase (Treatment, 180 ECTS, 4th-6th years) is bound to the study of the treatment of diseases and syndromes in accordance with the latest clinical care guidelines and protocols determined by the evidence-based medicine.

    New Vision University, Georgia

    Particulars In USD Duration
    in INR Total
    Tution Fees 1st Year Fees with Hostel 5000 1 325000 325000
    Tution Fees 2nd - 6th Year with Hostel 4500 5 292500 1462500
    Food 1500 6 97500 585000
    Hostal 1000 5 65000 325000
    Processing Fees (one time) 2308 1 150000 150000
    Air Ticket EXTRA Total 2847500


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