RussiaThe Northern State Medical University (NSMU) is the only institution offering higher education in medicine in the European North of Russia: the NSMU is the northernmost Medical University in Russia. The university got agreements with 6 governors of North-Western Russia.

Not only for Arkhangelsk Region, but also for other areas of North-Western Russia (Vologda, Murmansk and Nenets regions; Komi and Karelia republics) the NSMU is a remarkable university center, which has nowadays approximately 5500 students – with PG students altogether 8000.

The staff consists of 980 researches, teachers, academicians and professors. There are 18 faculties at the Northern State Medical University.

Northern Russia and is recognised by reputed international bodies such as:

>World Health Organisation
>Medical Council of India
>Association of Medical Schools in Europe

The university currently teaches over 5000 students. It has all the modern and state of the art amenities that make it a truly global university. The university includes best classrooms, libraries, extracurricular opportunities, clinical studies, etc. The university also has many educational tie ups with different international universities all over the world.

The faculties of the University are:

>Faculty of General Medicine
>Faculty of Paediatrics
>Faculty of Nursing
>Faculty of Post Graduate Education
>Faculty of Pharmaceutics

The university has various available hostel facilities for foreign students. It also has a separate faculty dedicated to them to help them integrate themselves into the environment of the university and the Russian university as a whole.


Particulars In USD Duration
in INR Total
Tution Fees 1st Year Fees with Hostel 4350 1 282750 282750
Tution Fees 2nd - 6th Year with Hostel 4350 5 282750 1413750
Food 500 6 32500 195000
Hostal 400 5 26000 130000
Processing Fees (one time) 2308 1 150000 150000
Air Ticket EXTRA Total 2171500


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