The Peoples' Friendship University of is an educational and research institution located in the south of Moscow that is ranked by the Ministry of Education of Russia as the country's third-best university.

the Peoples’ Friendship University in Russia was founded in 1960 and is situated in Moscow, the capital of the Russian Federation. The university was established during the peak of the Cold War in order to help the Soviets increase their area of influence by helping developing nations in many ways. The university was initially named Patrice Lumumba University in the honour of Congo’s independence leader.

Its medical institute was established in 1961. With over 2000 students, the institute boasts over 40 departments and a few independent studies. The institute also has around 420 lecturers, 2 corresponding RAMS members, 5 Academicians, and many other qualified professionals teaching students at the university.

The university is recognised by:

>World Health Organisation
>International Medical Education Directory
>Medical Council of India
>And other medical organisations all over the world

The faculties of the institute are:

>Faculty of General Medicine
>Faculty of Dentistry
>Faculty of Pharmaceutics
>Faculty of Higher Nursing
>Faculty of Healthcare Management

Peoples' friendship University, Russia

Particulars In USD Duration
in INR Total
Tution Fees 1st Year Fees with Hostel 9300 1 604500 604500
Tution Fees 2nd - 6th Year with Hostel 9300 5 604500 3022500
Food 500 6 32500 195000
Hostal 400 5 26000 130000
Processing Fees (one time) 2308 1 150000 150000
Air Ticket EXTRA Total 4102000


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