Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University is onе of the oldest and leading universities in Russia and is well known all over the world. In 2016 university celebrated its 110th anniversary.

More than 2000 lecturers working in 115 departments offer lectures, seminars and practical laboratory sessions in the sciences in more than 250 courses. University has an established network of the biggest Moscow state clinical hospitals which service hundreds of thousands people with various pathologies. Students will have а unique opportunity to acquire hands оn knowledge of how real patients are diagnosed, treated, operated and how they recover. Active participation in design and carrying out of therapy strategies for real patients at clinics under guidance of our senior professors is оnе of our distinctive competitive advantages.

The main objective of the University is the training of doctors, highly qualified specialists, whose duty is to protect, preserve and enhance people's health.

Structurally the University includes 8 academic departments, 4 research Institute and three multi-profile medical research centers.

The University is closely linked to practical public health. It has bases in major urban hospitals, dispensaries and maternity homes. They are all equipped with modern medical equipment. Future doctors get hands-on clinical experience at these medical centers under the guidance of experienced teachers.


  • Therapeutic faculty
  • Pediatric faculty
  • Medicobiologic faculty
  • International Faculty
  • Dentists’ faculty
  • Pharmaceutical faculty
  • Psychologico-Social faculty

Student life

Students' life is a unique world, full of hopes and joy, exciting events and fascinating new acquaintances. Annually our students participate in more than 100 various competitions. In many sports they become champions of the Ministry of Public Health and Social Development of Russia, win medal places. There is а well- equipped beach, gym, sports grounds for playing foot- ball, basketball, volleyball, tennis at their disposal. Many students are actively involved in the voluntary blood donation and work in the volunteer center of the University. Volunteers conduct patriotic campaigns and charity events, support an orphanage, organize activities for ill children in hospitals. They are an integral part of any event at the University

Fee Structure

3 FEE FOR 2th-6th YEAR


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