Volgograd State Medical University is located in a city called Volgograd which is situated in the southern part of Russia on the west bank of the Volga River. It started as Stalingrad Medical Institute founded in 1935. In 1993 it got the status of the Academy, and in 2003 it was granted the status of the University.

The departments of the university are:

    - College of General Medicine
    - College of Dentistry and MD
    - College of Paediatrics
    - College of Pharmacy
    - College of Medical Biochemistry
    - College of Social Work and Clinical Psychology
    - Department of International Students
    - College for Postgraduate and Continuous Education
    - Department for Foundation Courses

In recent years the department of general medicine and dentistry have garnered a lot of popularity in foreign countries. The university teaches its students in both Russian and English medium. A compulsory course on Russian language must however be completed in order for students to interact with local patients and make their living in Russia easier and more convenient.

The education system relies on the two pillars of theoretical learning and understanding and practical implementation. The university divides students into small groups of 7-8 people during practical classes in order to facilitate maximum interaction between a student and his teacher.

A concluding test is held after the completion of every important topic so that their understanding of the topic can be analysed correctly.

Lectures, tests, and classes are conducted with respect to their departments and a final exam is held at the end of the semester on all of the subjects taught during that period.

Fee Structure

1 UNIVERSITY Tver State Medical University
2 FEE FOR 1st YEAR 6,100 USD
3 FEE FOR 2th-6th YEAR 6,100 USD


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